Sunday, August 15, 2004

Work in Progress "Neck piece"

Work in progress/ "Neck Piece"
I wanted to make neckpieces for my MYRIADE Summer 06 collection, inspired (as always) of a flowerfield. I wanted to use a material that I feel has a very "Norwegian feeling" - wood. I studied botanical books, and found beutifully shaped flowers from the Norwegian fauna. Then I abstracted the shape of the flowers (I didn`t want them to appear as to obvious), and cut them out in wood (With great help from my husband Knut!). Then I painted them in the main collours of the MYRIADE collection (pale pink, silver, gold and shiny black).

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Work in progress "Draped and embrodried dress"

Work in progress "Draped and embroidried dress"

I wanted to make a dress inspired by a "50`s style proomqueen and a fairy ballerina"for my "MYRIADE" collection for summer 06, using drapery techniques and embroidery. The colours are inspired by a rosegarden (peach, pale pink, bleeched yellow) - and I wanted the colours to blend into eachoter in the dress, to make a sunbleeched impression. As if it was taken out of an old womans wardrobe. The underlayer of the "decoletè" in the back and the front of the dress is embroidried with the same "rose collours", mixed with gold and silver threads to reflect the light, and make it glow.
I desided to use the raw edges off the biascut skirt , to understate the lightness of a ballerina.

Fahionphoto: Ragnar Hartvig / Makeup: Marielle Weddegjerde